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A great kitesurfing experience in Paradise

With our watersports packages we offer you top level instruction and guiding around the prestigous lagoons and reefs of Zanzibar.  Downwinders and kitetrips, surfing, sailing, snorkelling, boat trips and island tours give you the chance to discover what Zanzibar has to offer. No matter which conditions you will have during your stay, we will keep you active. Energetic days and eventful nights help make the most of your holiday. Evening dinners, bonfires and transfers to the coolest venues on the South East Coast are all part of our packages.

We do not run camps in the meaning of having big groups around which makes a flexible and personalized planning of your holiday and activities almost impossible. But what we offer is a package filled with fun, watersports and social events – this way you easily get to socialize but only as much as you decide to. Meet people, hang out with a crowd or relax by yourself. The daily activities of your package are run in groups of around 2 – 12 people and you get to meet a likeminded people that enjoy the ocean as much as you do.